Woodlot licence #W1641 consists of 420 ha of second growth forests in one of the best growing and most beautiful areas of the world: Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We strive for excellence in sustain-able forestry through the application of innovative small-scale management under BC's stringent regulatory framework for forest practices. 

The sustainable harvest rate is based on detailed inventories, thorough planning and proven yield modeling, which considers the conservation of old-growth reserves, wildlife tree retention and stream protection buffers. Our forest is managed as a natural ecosystem without the application of non-native tree species.

We inventory, plan, harvest, plant, space and thin our forests by using small-scale forestry practices. A variety of suitable silviculture systems and harvesting methods are used to re-generate our forest while mana-ging forest health and visual quality values. Our operators are members of the local communities nearby who enjoy working in the outdoors.

We not only manage for timber values but also care for many other resources, such as traditional and historical values, water, fish, wildlife, recreation, biodiversity and aesthetics. Protecting the natural diversity in combination with aesthetical values is one of our management goals. A high percentage of western red cedar is being re-establish in our harvested areas for future traditional use.  Non-motorized recreational use is welcome throughout the woodlot licence area, which features an extended network of maintained forest roads. Other public uses of our forest consist of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, collection of firewood, mushrooms and botanical forest products. 

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